Structural Design And Industrial Design?

What are structural design and industrial design? What is the difference or

Industrial design, for mass-produced products, endows materials, structure,
structure, shape, color, surface processing and decoration with new quality
and qualification by virtue of training, technical knowledge, experience and
visual feeling. In addition, the solution of problems such as packaging,
publicity, display and market development also belongs to the category of
industrial design when paying their own technical knowledge and experience
and visual evaluation ability.

Structural design refers to the design of the internal structure and mechanical part of the product.

A good product must first be practical, that is, the product has functional value, and then the shape. The realization of a product function depends on the structural design. Structural design is one of the basic contents of
mechanical design. It is also an internal part of the product. The relationship components between various components play a vital role in the landing process of the product.

From the perspective of the executive department: industrial design is mainly completed by industrial designers. It is mainly an innovative activity to create the design for the appearance of products, endow the products with
novelty and beauty from the perspective of “creativity + art”, and comprehensively use today’s technology and social, economic, cultural, aesthetic and other knowledge to integrate and optimize the function, structure, form and packaging of products. In the actual product development, the importance of product art is becoming more and more important. Many well-known products are sought after by improving the added value of accessories through the artistry of industrial design.

The structural design of the product is completed by the structural engineer, which focuses on the quantification of engineering technology and provides rigorous and reasonable technical support for manufacturing and assembly. It is the design of the internal structure of the product creative landing process and the structural engineering according to the appearance and function of the product. The work content of product structure designer mainly includes: dividing parts by appearance model, determining the fixing method of each part, designing the realization mode of product use and motion function, determining the use materials and surface treatment process of each part of the product, etc. In the structural design, engineers also need to collide with industrial designers. How to make the products as beautiful as possible, excellent performance, low cost, manufacturability, process feasibility, assembly, simple maintenance, convenient transportation and so

Structural design and industrial design are also the two core departments of industrial design companies. A product presented to us is actually the result of the common collision between the two departments of industrial design and structural design, with beautiful appearance and good quality.

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