Integrated Processing

At Batnon, our approach is by “Integrated Processing”. 

By “Integrated Processing”, we handle thousand projects and new product development cases successfully. 

1. What is Integrated Processing?

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In short, our “integrated processing system” reflects the following:

1. Lean Production.

To achieve precision production, it is necessary to ensure the timely transmission of information. Therefore, we have built a set of internal local area wireless network system to facilitate the transmission of information anytime and anywhere on the mobile terminal. Therefore, we constantly optimize the production methods and personnel organization to improve the management level and production efficiency of the whole factory, so as to make the best use of people and materials.

2. Visualization System.

We have designed a complete process and developed a software system for this process. The progress of each product or project can be viewed simply and quickly in the form of picture symbols on this system.

3. Automation.

Some processes in our production can be replaced by automatic machines, which not only reduces the cost of completing this process, but also provides conditions for improving and maximizing human potential, and the quality of products or components produced through automation is more stable. Therefore, we continue to study the feasibility of automation in production.

4. Digitization.

In the synchronous process of our production and information technology, we carefully examine the possibility of applying digital technology to our production, not only in the field of communication of information transmission between people, but also in the interactive communication and feedback between machines and people, and the mutual cooperation between machines.

In the future, we will build a highly automated, digital, visual and efficient factory, and ensure to create value to customers with stable quality and lower cost

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