Surface Treatment

Nearly all products need surface treatment for  specified finishing and color. Different materials require different surface treatment ways/methods.

At Batnon, in order to achieve desired surface treatment effect, we’re now able to handle various surface treatment, these include for metal, plastic and wood/bamboo. 

1. What Surface Treatment We Do?

Our surface treatment processings include:

  • electroplating
  • multicolor oxidation
  • brshing
  • screen printing
  • lasering
  • polishing
  • oxidation
  • electrophoresis
  • painting
  • passivation
  • oil spraying
  • UV


surface_treatment - batnon

bead blasting

bead blasting - Batnon


brushing - Batnon

digital printing

digital printing -Batnon

electric plating

electric plating - Batnon

hot transfer

hot transfer Printing - Batnon

IMD decoration

IMD decoration - Batnon

laser engraving

laser engraving - Batnon


painting - Batnon


polishing - Batnon

powder coating

powder coating - Batnon

UV coating

UV coating - Batnon

2. Types of Surface Treatment?

1) Electrochemical methods:

a) Electroplating
b) Oxidation

2) Chemical:

a) Chemical conversion membrane treatment
b) Electroless plating

3) Heat Treatment:

a) Hot dip coating
b) Thermal spraying
c) Hot stamping
d) Chemical heat treatment
e) Surfacing

4) Vacuum:

a) Physical vapor deposition (PVD)
b) Ion implantation
c) Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

5) Other treatment:

a) Electrophoresis
b) Electrostatic spraying
c) Laser surface treatment
d) Ultra dural technique
e) Electrophoresis and electrostatic spraying

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