Plastic Injection Mould & Plastic Injection Services

At batnon, we provide complete services from product design, mold design, injection molding production to finish product assembly. This complete process can realize From Idea to Real.

All these include:

1. Mold design

plastic mold - batnon 4

At Batnon, precision plastic inject mold factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, annual output value of more than 30 million, mold manufacturing total investment of more than 30 million.

2. Mold fabrication

mold CNC machining - batnon (1)
dlectric discharge machine - batnon (1)
Batnon mold making - 2
Batnon mold making - 4
Batnon mold making -3

Our plastic mould fabrication plant is equiped with Swiss Mikron 3-axis high-speed CNC equipments, Sodick wire cutting EDM machines, Mitsui grinders, high precision injection molding machineries, coordinate position accuracy up to ± 0.002, roundness up to 0.005mm.

We hold three basic principles of product development, reliability, rationality and safety throughout whole process of our product development.

1) Reliability

It is required that the equipment should be able to operate reliably and have an advanced level, mainly in terms of automatic control level, efficiency and conversion rate.

2) Rationality

In other words, the industrial design should meet the requirements of the process, adapt the equipment to the process operation, the process flow to the production scale and the process control level, and give full play to the function of the equipment.

3) Safety

The industrial design shall be safe and reliable and the operation shall be stable. There are no strict requirements for construction, process, plant and foundation. During operation, the labor intensity should be small. High temperature and high pressure high-altitude operation should be avoided as far as possible, and harmful and toxic equipment accessories and materials should be avoided as far as possible.

4. Engineering validation

The main purpose of our engineering verification is to find out whether there
are major design problems in the hardware and mechanism specifications and correct them, such as whether there is mechanism interference in the position of each component, whether there is redundant space to be released, whether there is unnecessary weight to be removed, whether there are unnecessary parts to be omitted, whether general structured parts can be used, etc. Only when the verification is done well in this step, there will be no repeated modification in the later product design, so as to save the cycle of product development and the time of rapid iteration.

5. Prototype

We have a variety of methods and means to make manual work, such as CNC processing, casting, 3D printing, manual engraving and CNC machine tool engraving.

Manual operation can help engineers to see the actual effect of conceptual design faster before mass production, which is extremely important for the rapid realization of product concept. Of course, the most important thing is to do the production before mass production, which greatly reduces the potential loss caused by design errors and minimizes the risk.

6. Plastic Injection Production

injection production - batnon

We have more than 70 plastic injection machines, including Haitian injection molding machine, Huada injection molding machine, Elida injection molding machine, Yongda injection molding machine, and general injection molding machine.

The tonnage range of injection molding machine includes: 200 tons, 500 tons, 780 tons, handling plastic part up to 1000mm wide

product assembly - Batnon - 2

Our one-stop smart manufacturing solution combines precision tooling and injection molding, precision hardware processing, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, and automation with our highly qualified staffs who are well versed in precision manufacturing and years of accumulated manufacturing engineering technology to create irreplaceable value for our customers.

8. Packing and shipping

All products are inspected before packing and shipping in house.