Why is CNC Machining Important in Manufacture?

Why is CNC machining important - Batnon

When we want to make some complicated parts, CNC machining is always a good option. Compared with conventional machining, it has huge benefits.

1. Better Efficiency

CNC machining significantly increase productivity compared with conventional machineries or labors. CNC machines runs under instructions of programming and executes automatically. As there is no procedure shift during processing, whole production time is shortened. Thus more efficient.

2. Higher scalability

Just because of less hand involvement in the production, all is instructed by programming and executed by machine, the CNC machining production can be easily scaled with same conditions and environments, with productivity times magnified.

3. Higher Accuracy

CNC machining is the best dependable way to achieve accuracy. This is mainly because there is no man involved or operated during whole process. Machine is set up before machining production, programming is editted, verification and test-run is done by mechanist, machining production is done automatically under programming instructions. Of course, higher accuracy is realized only if the machinery provides a high accuracy level and there is a skilled mechanist to operate it.

4. Less Inconsistence, More Uniform Products

By CNC machining we can use fine-tuned precision tools, programming and well set-up machines to produce and replicate multiple parts. The CNC machining has an essential advantage that’s its automatic repeatability. All the
replicated parts keeps uniformed version and dimensions.

5. Less Labor

When using CNC machining, less labors will be needed in a production for carrying, loading and unloading, shifting, piling. There might be just one person to finish all the jobs for program compiling, workpiece loading,
finished part packing, ongoing inspection.

6. More Work Done On One Machine

With a CNC machine, many conventional machining work can be done, like milling, turning, drilling, cutting, you can count on a CNC machine to complete a intricate part done and hand it over.

7. Capability For Handling Intricate Product

CNC machining can handle complicated parts if it’s used suitable fixtures and combined with 4 Axis or 5 Axis. Adaptable tool is another key for making customized part, a skilled mechanist can design most proper tool for need of CNC machining.

8. Eliminates Human Errors

Mechanist may make mistake in complicated work, while a programming and controlled machine won’t if it’s well set-up. Less errors is more cost saved.

9. Decreases Material Wastes

By optimized design and programming, it’s possible to make as many as parts from every single piece of workpiece. Less wasted materials means more output and more productivity.

10. Safety

When machine is running, operators can stay away from the machine or behind a shield while keep it running automatically. All this is much safer than conventional manually operated machine.

11. Lower Cost For Validation And Prototyping

Feature of CNC machining is often ignored, while it’s important for new product development as cost is considered in product development stage if the product development needs repetitive prototyping and validation.

12. Save Skilled Hand For Higher Demand Job

After programming and setting up, mechanist can keep CNC machine work and go back to important work, but no need stay aside the machine for watching or inspection.

13. Higher Output Of Labor Input

With CNC machining, turnout per person per day is doubled or tripled than by manual machine. Their hands are freed, production runs with no intervention, less discrepancy.

14. Save Time From Drawing To Production

Unit design in proper design format can be edited for machining programming directly to start a CNC machining work. This transition might take within an hour. By this way, the work flow from design to real unit will greatly

15. Fewer Maintenance

To ensure CNC machining in good shape, a regular system of calibration is needed. This will prevent your machine shut down during a production at an unknown time. And regular maintenance will reduce time and cost spent on
passive repair because of careless maintenance.

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