Large Integrated Processing Provider

20 Years

Custom Design and Manufacture

3 Factories Handling Plastic, Metal and Woodwork

Total 67,000sqm | 2500staff | 1,600machineries | 1,000,000pcs Monthly Turnout

Our Business Range

Production Range:  CNC machining, Plastic Mold Injection, Laser Cutting, and Die Casting;   Service Range:  Product Design, Prototype, Surface Treatment, Integrated Processing, Assembly, Volume Manufacturing in House. 

From idea to engineering validation, from engineer design to prototype, all is turned fast.  

3/4/5 axis CNC machining center for making precision components /parts.

In-house high precision plastic mold fabrication and 780ton  injection machine for plastic injection part.

Laser Cutting

Batnon - laser-cutting- 22

Laser cutting for fabrication of s.steel, aluminum, iron, copper plate from 0.5-100mm.

Aluminum die casting for mechanical parts, furniture parts, electronics parts.


assembly at Batnon

Product assembly for finished product direct for sale.



automobile part

Either for a performance part or  machenical standby part, our CNC machining production starts order from 1pc to meet urgent demand.


electric part

Our in-house laser cutting turns a sheet into pieces in 30 minutes from design, we handle aluminum, s.steel, steel, iron, copper, brass, plastic, wood, and other materials. 


electrnics parts

Our fast deliverable sample for high demand product can visualize how it’s to be in real and how the integrated product is.

Automation & Equipment

automation part by Batnon

Sheet metal part fabricated by combining laser cutting and CNC bending technology with powder coating or painting will be in hand for a final equipment design integration after 2 days order confirmation.


medical part

Our fast prototype 1-3 days for small volume medical equipment, devices or consumables in high precision grade enhances customers’ competitiveness for ergent demands.


consumer industry Batnon

Our comprehensive machinery and Integrated Processing capabilities enable us to handle high demand, complex, and large volume consumer products at fast speed.

Why Choose Us for Your New Projects?

A Reliable Partner that’s Trustworthy.

Significantly Down Your Costs

Not only the close coordination during processing stages, but the ultimate commitment to significantly reduce costs secure your projects. 

batnon reliable partner
Trustworthy Partner

20 years of business history, a trustworthy partner, serving 5000+ customers worldwide, striving for quality and reliability.

Dramatically Reducing Your Time

We carefully review every step of the process to eliminate unnecessary waiting and optimize the details, thus truly reduce the overall project time.

online quote
On Line Quote and Visual Track

Quote with 12hours after inquiry. Video/photos of real production progress provides real time order status.

long term Industry experience
24 Years Industry Experience

Our experiences and engineering capabilities from long time projects handling in past 24 years help us complete complicated projects.

Quality and Refund Guarantee

We ensure our delivery meet demand as per predefined from material, in-process inspection and final products till delivery. 

Service Procedures


Upload your design in .step / .dxf / .pdf format or send by email


Engineering review


Quote for unit price, production lead time, and freight if required


Order confirmation and Manufacturing


Delivery and shipping

See What They Say

A fantastic metal working company, 10/10 customer service and fantastic value… I would highly recommend for custom motor prototype parts

I LOVE the door openers. They look great and appear to be of high-quality. I have already told some of my friends about your company. Hopefully, they will also place orders with you. I look forward to doing business again. You were very responsive and professional. A real joy to work with.

The parts were checked and are all good,I like the finish and packing over all good quality,we are happy with your work. Please convey it to your team.look forward in working with you in future also.

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Mr. Sean O’Brien

Manager Director

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Edward Zeidan


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Cathal Barber


Our Customers

No 1

Lean production

we constantly optimize the production methods and human organization to improve the management level and production efficiency of the whole factory, so as to maximize potential of efficiency and time.

No 2

Visualization System

We have designed a complete process and developed a software system for this process. The progress of each product or project can be viewed simply and quickly in the form of photos of videos in this system.

No 3


Some processes in our production not only reduce the cost of completion, but provide conditions for improving and maximizing resources potential, and the quality of products.. 

No 4


We adopt newest technology for network communication,  in the interaction between machine and people, and the mutual cooperation between machines.

CNC machining is a most suitable processing method for low volume, high precision, customized products. This is due to some special advantages of CNC processing compared with traditional processing technology. The main reason is the versatility and repeatability of CNC machine tools. Traditional machines need a manual controller, which is easy to produce small errors. However, the CNC machine is controlled by a computer, which directly converts the CAD model of the required design into a set of G or M codes. These codes accurately control the movement of the tool holder and minimize the chance of error.

Click here to know more how we can help for your new parts/products. 

Or view our articles regarding CNC machining to have a full understanding. 

We work with these design formats: STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, SLDPRT, 3DM, SAT, STL, OBJ or X_ T.

1. Metal:
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloy, Carbon Steel

2. Plastic:
ABS, Acetal Delrin (POM), PE (HDPE, LDPE), Nylon, PEEK, PET, PMMA, PC (Polycarbonate), PP (Polypropylene), PPSU, PS, PVC

3. Wood and Bamboo

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