Relationship Between Industrial Design And Product Manufacturing

As a modern design theory and method, the research content of industrial design not only includes the product function, structure, materials, manufacturing technology, product form, color, surface treatment, decoration technology, but also includes the social, economic, human physiology, psychology and other factors related to the product. It comprehensively uses the basic theories and means of modern design to make modern industrial products bring efficient, comfortable and beautiful feelings to users as much as possible, and fully meet people’s material and spiritual needs.

Industrial design is different from traditional engineering design, because it not only fully considers the improvement of product structure and performance indicators, but also fully considers various factors related to product and society, product and market, product and human physiology and psychology; It is different from the general art design, because it not only emphasizes the artistry of the form of modern industrial products, but also emphasizes the economic value of the unity of product form and function, product form and production. Therefore, industrial modeling design is a creative activity with the organic unity of science and technology, aesthetic art and market economy.

Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials and information into various items to meet human needs. From this definition, we can see that the manufacturing industry should not only transform raw materials, but also transform a lot of information into goods we need.

Since the source of manufacturing system starts from the needs of users, from the needs of users to functions and then to the physical field of the whole product, for example, some hardware and shape design are required to produce a computer, so the manufacturing process of products is basically divided into four fields:

The first is the user field, which starts from understanding the needs of users;

The second is the functional area, which is from the needs of users to what functions the product needs to provide;

The third is the physical field, which is how to realize the function of the product through some software and hardware;

The last is the process, which is how to assemble the software and hardware through production to provide a more perfect product.

Industrial design and industrial manufacturing are complementary and inseparable.

First of all, industrial design is the leading industry in the development of manufacturing industry. Industrial design is the design for manufacturing industrial products. It includes the whole process of external and internal design of products, which has the most direct impact on the appearance and performance of products, the exertion of production technology and brand construction. Practice shows that industrial design has become one of the source and core driving forces of manufacturing competition. Especially in the case of fierce market competition, the competitiveness of products will first depend on the design and development ability of products.

The level of industrial design innovation directly affects the level of technological innovation. Good design creativity can greatly promote the development of enterprise technological innovation; Industrial design is the leader of the development of manufacturing industry. Due to the core position and key role of industrial design in the manufacturing industry, countries all over the world often take it as a leader in the process of developing the manufacturing industry, and drive the development of the whole manufacturing industry by accelerating the development of industrial design.

Although good design creativity can promote the development of enterprise technological innovation, without developed manufacturing industry, there will be no excellent industrial design. Because industrial technology is the functional basis of design, good industrial design should rely on functional technology.

Industrial design plays a guiding role in product manufacturing, and can guide manufacturing technology to be more in line with man-machine care and develop in the direction of producing better products.

In addition to designing products, manufacturing factories now have to design the production process. In the past, it was often the case that the people who designed the products and the people who designed the process did not work together, which usually led to serious problems in production and manufacturing. Now the more popular trend is to integrate the product design and the process design, We should not only think of customers, but also the difficulty of manufacturing. If a very excellent product is very difficult in the manufacturing process, it will greatly increase the manufacturing cost, and the product may not meet the needs of the market after it is launched.

The combination of product design and process design makes the product manufacturing easier and more economical.

Therefore, the combination of product design and process design (DFM) should take product design as the first step of manufacturing process design. Product design must start from the perspective of “easy manufacturing” and “economical manufacturing”.

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