CNC Machining Manufacture Types and Materials?

What are CNC Machining Manufacture Types?

CNC Machining Manufacture Types

Ordinary lathe is the most commonly used machine for turning parts. Turning is the removal of metal from the workpiece. When the workpiece rotates, the tool cuts along the workpiece. Boring is a method of enlarging or further machining holes drilled or cast on metal workpieces. Boring on the lathe is completed by a single edge tool, which rotates while feeding to the workpiece.

2. CNC milling
Milling is the process of cutting metal with rotating tools. This kind of cutter has multiple cutting edges, which is called milling cutter

3. CNC drilling
There are many types and specifications of drilling machines. In addition to drilling, the drilling machine can also carry out other processing. When drilling, the workpiece is clamped and fixed. The drill bit rotates into the
workpiece at the same time.

4. CNC grinding
Grinding is a method of removing metal using a grinding wheel called a grinding wheel. The workpiece is finished by grinding. After grinding, the workpiece size is accurate and smooth. When grinding a circular workpiece,
the workpiece rotates and feeds the rotating grinding wheel. When grinding a flat workpiece, the workpiece moves back and forth while the grinding wheel rotates. Grinding process is to finish the hard workpiece after heat
treatment to achieve accurate size.

5. CNC cutting
It is mainly used to cut some types of gears.

What are CNC Machining Materials?

1. Metal:
Stainless Steel
Steel Alloy
Carbon Steel

2. Plastic:
Delrin (POM)
PC (Polycarbonate)
PP (Polypropylene)

3. Wood and Bamboo

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