Why CNC Machining Is Best Way For Customized Products?

CNC machining is the most suitable processing method for low volume, high precision, and customized products. This is due to some special advantages of CNC machining compared with conventional machining technology. The main reason is the versatility and repeatability of CNC machine tools. Traditional machines need a manual controller, which is easy to produce small errors. However, the CNC machine is controlled by a computer, which directly converts the CAD model of the required design into a set of G or M codes. These codes accurately control the movement of the tool holder and minimize the chance of error.

Metals, plastics, and wood and bamboo can be processed by CNC machining to produce complex shapes, which have the ability to withstand high stress without failure. CNC machining plastic processing is used in industries requiring excellent strength, surface finishing and wear resistance. Similarly, due to the light weight and high strength of aluminum alloys, CNC aluminum parts are usually used in the aerospace industry.

Compared with traditional processing technology, CNC machining has the following significant advantages, letting it be the best choice for customized products:

1. High precision

CNC machining has extremely high precision, which can almost eliminate human errors. NC machining can achieve precision day in 1 / 1000.

2. High durability

CNC processing can work easily for 24 hours without interruption. Their operation can only be stopped when maintenance is required.

3. Repeatability and scalability

CNC processing has high repeatability. Any batch has exactly the same size without any error. Similarly,

4. Adaptability

The size of the part can be easily changed without any errors.

5. High capability

If you need to make any complex shape with high precision, you can easily use CNC machine tools.

6. Less labor

Compared with traditional machines, CNC machines require only one operator.

7. Lower cost

Although the investment of CNC machines is high, their overall cost is low.

8. High security

CNC machines are very safe because they operate in a very safe environment.

9. Low maintenance

CNC machines do not require much maintenance. The coolant and lubricant will drain automatically, which means that the chance of overheating of tools and parts is minimized.

10. Versatility

With CNC machine tools, a single unit can easily perform various tasks. Traditional machine tools can only perform one task. For example, lathe can only perform one function. In contrast, CNC machine tools can easily perform all types of tasks.

Because of these advantages, CNC machining has become the best choice for customized parts and components.

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